This blog was put together by me, Robert Dyball: I live on the Central Coast of NSW (in Australia) and have worked at a variety of companies, most in Sydney, Newcastle and on the Central Coast, primarily as a Senior .Net Developer. My work has been to architect, design and develop web and windows applications using C#.  In addition to development work I am have an active interest in Agile development and growing teams and team capabilities. Apart from coaching teams on Kanban and Scrum, I’ve also introduced Test Driven Development TDD/TFD,  ATDD/BDD and set up a variety of continuous integration servers for teams using TFS, Continua and Team City, set up source control and accelerated development using both internal hosted and public Nuget libraries. I have also created and maintained simulations using Rockwell Arena and built scheduling solutions on top of Preactor using C# / .Net.

I am experienced in ETL / data migration projects; having moved data between various Informix, Oracle, db2, Access, Excel, CSV and MS SQL.

I have experience in many problem domains including licensing, OHS, retail/wholesale sales, legal, telecommunications, health, mining, ports and manufacturing fields. If you want to find out more have a look on LinkedIn

Currently working as a contractor doing full-stack development with ASP.Net MVC, Web API, AngularJS, Bootstrap, EF, SQL for MAA / SIRA.

Spare time:

In my spare time I’ll be buried in some new framework, to see how it ticks and if I can make use of it, or creating some new gadget using a bit of electronics and some embedded programming including Raspberry Pi, Atmel / Arduino and Microchip PIC based systems.

Disclaimer / fine print:
this blog is mostly code snippets, links and the like to save me losing track of them. If there’s something you can use here – great. If you find something here that is incorrect or inaccurate – please do let me know. On the other hand if you want to be critical of a missing kitchen sink, or the formatting is not “pretty” enough for you etc. I am sorry – you have the wrong blog … and if any code here breaks, causes your dog to eat your cat, or happens in any way to be unsuitable – again, sorry but in case of breakages you become the proud owner of both halves; ie., , I cannot accept any responsibility. The information here is as-is, you are on your own.

All that said, I hope there is something useful here, and that it might help others. Please do let me know if something is helpful (I don’t mind good news).