NDC 2012 – videos

trying to catch up with some videos in the pile from NDC 2012 and Oredev 2012.

A few more good ones worth watching:

NDC 2012:

Venkat Subramaniam-Caring about Code Quality    …  http://vimeo.com/43808772
Good all-round discussion on code quality, good things a team can later discuss and consider implementing.

Paul Betts – Making an awesome Open-Source Project    … http://vimeo.com/43536531
Complete end-to-end discussion on open sourcing projects. How to make your project successful, interesting and get used and supported.

Oredev 2012:

Goranka Bjedov – Future of Testing and Quality  … http://oredev.org/2012/sessions/future-of-testing-and-quality
good talk on testing vs quality; what’s the point of testing if it is not to improve quality.