Black borders with AMD cards? Driver issues?

Figured it’s about time to do a follow up post, in case it helps anyone else, with some of the latest fixes, issues and workaruonds for AMD graphics cards.

Can’t run Catalyst Control Center

If this happens, check to see which AMD graphics card drivers you are using. It may be you’re running the Microsoft – AMD drivers and not the AMD – AMD drivers. Switch across to AMD’s own drivers and Catalyst can be installed and used. see

Black Border

Trying to run a game such as Crysis 2 in fullscreen, say 1920×1080, but getting a black border despite all attempts at setting resolution, ful screen etc.?

The fix is to use AMD Catalyst and the overscan setting, but to do this for all scan rates at the desired resolution.
(Much thanks to  for this one)

I had a Sapphire HD5770 running Windows 7, moved on to Windows 8 and then later moved on to a Sapphire HD7950 only to find I had black borders back, and needed to reset the overscan. Catalyst (as at ver 12.10) does not automatically apply this setting to multiple scan rates, and it appears doesn’t use other card’s settings when you change cards either.