Windows 8 + AMD 5770 + Catalyst Control Centre underscan / overscan issues – black border now fixed!

I have a Benq M2200HD, a Sapphire graphics card using AMD HD 5770 chipset, and just did a fresh install of the new Windows 8 Professional only to find my old nemesis, the black borders of underscan back again.

Sadly the monitor does not allow changing Overscan option, so I was left to using driver settings or Catalyst Control Center to fix this. In the past I found Catalyst Control Center scaling options worked.

After I downloaded the latest AMD version 12.8 drivers for Windows 8×64 from AMD, I found I could not run Catalyst Control Centre to fix the scaling. It gave an error saying there was nothing for it to configure, that “Catalyst Control Center cannot be started”

Finally a few hours later, after poking around registry, installing and uninstalling a few times (now feeling somewhat stupid) I fixed it – realised why catalyst would not work, it was trying to drive the Microsoft default video drivers instead.

Here’s the fix:

Download the new AMD version 12.8 drivers, install them. (I added XCode and Cap as well). Reboot if/as request.
Right click the desktop, click Screen Resolution, when the screen resolution window appears, click “Advanced settings”,
Click Properties button, click drivers tab, click Update Driver.
Click “Browse My Computer”, select c:\AMD and leave “Include subfolders checked”

This will select AMD’s AMD video driver as opposed to the default, which is Microsoft’s AMD driver.

Finally in turn, this will allow you to select “Catalyst Control Centre” using either the button in the properties tab, or from the context menu when you right click the desktop.

Then once in Catalyst Control Centre, use the usual “My Digital Flat Panels” tab, “Scaling Options – Digital Flat Panel”, and slide the Underscan 15% – Overscan 0% selection to the far right, to Overscan 0%.

Click Apply.

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