Want to become a freelance, get a startup running or find someone to fund your great idea?

Since I’ve started “real” commuting again (4 minutes on the train doesn’t count), I’ve been able to catch up on some more videos as well as Dot Net Rocks episodes. Some of these have been running in a theme, around startups, freelancing or how to get venture capital funding.

I wish I had these under my belt when I had a crack at going it alone and freelancing a few years ago, but for someone who is in the “I wonder if …” stage of things, then try these out:

Dot Net Rocks episode 710 happened to be an interview in Bulgaria at DevReach by Carl and Richard of 3 greats in the software business, they are Stephen Forte CEO of Telerik, Tim Huckaby founder of InterKnowlogy and Alain “Lino” Tadros who is Chairman and CEO of Falafel Software. With their different backgrounds they discuss many common issues people would come across in starting their own business, and real life “war stories”, advice and tips.

The there’s these videos from the Oredev 2011 conference:

What stirreth a VC’s Heart (Christian Lindegård Jepsen)

Great advice from a venture capital provider about how to get your pitch going. There’s so much good advice here, and right form the horse’s mouht, as it were.

Going For It: From Side Project to Startup – Building a Company One Evening at a Time (Aaron Parecki)
How a Dutch rapper ends up in Swedish startup – lessons learned (Frank Schuil)

Here’s two different people with ideas that grew into something bigger, how it happened, and where it is now. Very worthwhile.


Dot Net Rocks: http://dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=710