Going For It: From Side Project to Startup – Building a Company One Evening at a Time

A really great video from Oredev’s 2011 Conference. Aaron Parecki relates how he and Amber Case started from an idea, moved through the rough hack stage and got sufficient momentum to get funding as a startup. Some great insights into the process they took, the pitfalls and some ideas to get you out there. Apart from that, the product they created is brilliant.

Geoloqi http://geoloqi.com is both a phone app and an SDK to allow some clever location sensitive information to be made available to you, and unlike Apple iPhone’s subterfuge, allow controlled tracking and sharing of information.

View the presentation and further details here: http://oredev.org/2011/sessions/going-for-it-from-side-project-to-startup–building-a-company-one-evening-at-a-time