“Tester”, “Developer”, “Architect” – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Is the name you give a job role really so important? Apparently so. This excellent presentation from Gojko Adzic clearly explains what I have seen so many times in the past.

So Surely everyone also wants to software delivered on time, with less bugs and without pushing budgets out?

Gojko does much work as a consultant now helping organisations do better testing in less time. In his presentation he cites many examples of a bank that went from a 7 week development/testing cycle to a 1 week development/testing cycle.

Links to the video are here: http://oredev.org/2011/sessions/sleeping-with-the-enemy

52 minutes long, 42 minutes before question time – time well spent for any team, or any team member who wants to make their work more ffective, more enjoyable and be more productive.