Using Open DNS with local servers: what do do when your DNS gives you someone else’s server

Thought all was OK now I have Open DNS up, until I wanted to do some work with the trial/demo TFS 2010 virtual machine.

Opened up VS 2010 which said it could not find TFS. I found pinging the server gave a 67.215.xx.xx address. This was in another country, certainly nothing like I was using internally a home. Of course the newly added Open DNS had something to do with this.

Since the VM I ran under HyperV was an off the shelf, ready to go MS supplied one, the machine name was going to be the same as plenty of other people. Even though I had locally hosted server behind my ADSL router’s firewall , it’s name WIN-GS9GMUJITS8 resolved to WIN-GS9GMUJITS8 or WIN-GS9GMUJITS8.home.gateway

The fix was simple, in the settings of Open DNS just had to add the machine names of local servers, and this worked, it stopped Open DNS from misdirecting things. In other words, I added both WIN-GS9GMUJITS8 and WIN-GS9GMUJITS8.home.gateway to the exclusion list.

This Open DNS KB article tells you where to add the server entries:

BTW You might need to flush browser and/or machine cache, but that was all there was to it.

Flushing your browser cache:
Flushing your computer or server cache: