Kaggle has me

One of the people I work with heard of a site called Kaggle, and said he immediately thought of me (not sure if that was a compliment), anyway not I am not so sure if I should thank him or get some sort of addiction help. Certainly all of the other things I had in the pipeline are on hold as I try to see if I can rack the formula for the next competition.

So what’s Kaggle? Kaggle is the place to go if you love creating algorithms to solve real world problems, the fun part is, it’s not pretend, they are real problems with real data. If you’re lucky you win a prize (yes – cash $) for the best algorithm, but either way you can have a load of fun whether it’s your own custom code or something in R or your other favourite BI / data mining tool.

So go to http://kaggle.com and have a go.

Disclaimer: you might get addicted too, so do this at your own risk.