MVC 3 – 101, Scott Hanselman

Today we had the usual brown bag lunch session, this time we watched a video from DevDays 2011 in the Netherlands, by Scott Hanselman entitled “MVC3 – 101”. A good intro to how and why of MVC, ideal quick start for developers and also good for managers, PMs etc., to see how far rapid application development has gone – and see how it is a viable alternative to many other, older options.

Scott demonstrates a step by step code first approach, creating a database from the object model. The deletes half the code and re-creates it from the database. Explains how to plug in different validation engines, handle older + newer/smarter browsers, and make MVC pages ‘just work’ with some modernizr cleverness. Also demoed how to add a logger, and also showed off a neat tool called Glimpse and how it can easily be added in for debugging (easier to add in using NuGet).

You can download the mp3 or video here, or watch it online:

You can get started using MVC 3 at