Decoding GPS data, NMEA data formats

GPS data:
Here’s a couple of links with useful information if you are accessing raw NMEA data from a GPS:

Both have a wealth of information on different NMEA versions, and how the data is structured.

Location awareness for Windows 7 and Windows 8
This tool lets you either fake a GPS (if you haven’t got one), or use your bluetooth GPS (hooked up via COM port) to populate the Windows 7 or Windows 8 location information.

WiFi coverage maps
And last one, if you want to generate some interesting GPS tracks, have a look at inSSIDer. This great (and free) tool lets you do so much, see if you have neighbours with WiFI on the same channel (or nearby channel) to you, an if you connect up your GPS at the same time, take your laptop for a drive you can create a GPS track – along with WiFi details (signal strength etc) to build a map of WiFi hotspots in the area. Useful if you are trying to create complete WiFi coverage on a school campus say, and also useful if you are trying to find a free channel for yourself.

You can log the GPS/WiFi data and then export/convert to KML.

For download details of inSSIDer, go to: