Hitchhiker’s Guide To Technical Leadership

Today’s lunch time brow bag session was a video, we watched one of the MSDN Channel 9 ‘repeats’, from TechEd NZ 2011. It was a presentation by certified architect Norm Judah, Microsoft Services CTO that should be, I think, mandatory viewing for anyone interested in improving themselves, in the process becoming a more employable person, and in turn enjoying their work more.

Norm has spent some 21 years in Microsoft, he has many practical tips to help you decide not soo much as the what of design or architecture but on the how, how do you decide, how do you choose between different options.

If you know it all then you won’t see any benefit in this you’ll see it as fluffy, but for everyone else Norm discusses what does great architecture look like, and then how do you get there … he looks at the behaviors of a good architect and technical or team leaders.

Here’s the link to either watch or down it; I enjoyed it, hope someone else finds it of help too: