LightSwitch and SQL Geospatial demo

Today’s brown bag lunch session we had 2 lightning talks; Scott did a presentation of LightSwitch then I did a talk on Mapping using Bing Maps, and  how to migrate legacy apps to use SQL 2008 Geospatial corrdinates and queries.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Lightswitch is interesting, for rapid app development might be useful as it certainly looks as if it is a quick way to visualize data. Don’t think it’s too good for long term use, but it has a place. Intersting in light of ideas around Disposable Architecture.

I picked up a legacy database with very old now unused lat/longs stored in text fields; converted these into SQL 2008 R2 spatial coordinates, and then used a simple map that display the locations as points. If anyone is interested, I’ll post a little of the code later.