“A Practical Developer’s Introduction to F#”, Ivan Towlson

Brown bag lunch video today was by Ivan Towlson, entitled “A Practical Developer’s Introduction to F#”, from TechEd NZ 2011, 26th Aug 2011.

the description is: “Visual Studio 2010 introduced F#, a new .NET language that’s a big break from the C#/Visual Basic tradition.  Learn what F# is, why and where is it useful to real-world developers, and how can it fit in with your existing C# and Visual Basic knowledge and codebase.”

Provided a good intro to F#, where and why you might use it, with demos along the way.

link to video: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NewZealand/2011/DEV311

link to sample code: http://hestia.typepad.com/flatlander/2011/08/teched-nz-2011-f.html