“The Land that Scrum Forgot”, Uncle Bob Martin

Today our brown bag lunch time video was again from NDC 2011, an interesting talk from “Uncle Bob”, AKA Robert C Martin, “The Land That Scrum Forgot”

Bob described what he sees as missing disciplines from Agile, and how to rescue Scrum projects from failure by adopting those disciplines.

Take away’s from Bob’s video:

  • project managers that become scrum masters tend to be scrum masters that create teams that create code that rots,
  • we cannot go faster without quality code,
  • we cannot go faster without quality tests,
  • software craftsmanship movement and TDD are essential

My favourite quote: … “manual software testing is immoral” …

Very good, well worth watching with your team, and certainly plenty of food for thought and discussion afterwards. Here’s the link to the video: http://ndc2011.macsimum.no/mp4/Day2%20Thursday/Track3%201740-1840.mp4