“Winning Big with Specification by Example – Lessons Learned from 50 Successful Projects”, Gojko Adzic

today’s brown bag lunch video we watched was by Gojko Adzic, from NDC 2011.

the writeup at NDC said “… Learn why and how teams all over the world succeed in bridging the communication gap between business stakeholders and implementation teams and how they got users, developers and testers to collaborate in defining great requirements and acceptance tests to produce software fit for purpose. Gojko will also present a summary of the most important success patterns for different contexts and talk about how to solve most common implementation issues with agile acceptance testing.”

A good presentation, Gojko cites many different ‘war stories’, good reasons you might use to help “sell” to stakeholders and perhaps some team members how to get better requirements gathering and acceptance testing within an agile project.

link: http://ndc2011.macsimum.no/mp4/Day2%20Thursday/Track5%201020-1120.mp4