“We Deliver Business Value”, James Shore

today we watched “We Deliver Business Value”, by James Shore, from NDC 2011. Excellent!

The description from NDC said: “Agile teams are expected to deliver business value on a regular basis. This focused and fast–paced session provides you with all the techniques you need to do so. We’ll discuss iteration planning, “done done,” velocity, slack, minimum marketable features, working on one thing at a time, risk–adjusted burn–up charts, and more.”

A great video for agile teams to refocus and refine their stuff, as well as get people started on the right track.  James Shore’s video is very practical and useful, how to do better estimates, and how to get a better rate of return on investment in agile projects through changes in how you release features.

link to video: http://ndc2011.macsimum.no/SAL3/Torsdag/1020-1120.wmv