“Personal Kanban: Optimizing the Individual Coder”, Jim Bensen

Today we watched “Personal Kanban: Optimizing the Individual Coder”, Jim Bensen, from Øredev 2010.

This was great value, whether you are in a team and looking to get your work done more effectively, or working alone. you should get something from this.

The speel from Øredev was: “There are myriad ways to optimize teams, but all too often we ignore the individual. When the individual is overlooked, the software production engine can be severely compromised. In this session, Jim Benson will discuss the application of Personal Kanban to optimize individual workflow, promote cross-team collaboration, and streamline small team interactions.

Personal Kanban promotes the individual effectiveness intrinsic to team success. Participants will explore how individuals as well as teams can use work-in-progress limits, value streams, backlogs, flow, and continuous improvement to build visual time management systems. Constraints, bottlenecks and collaborative opportunities then become clear.  Individual understanding allows team members to make better decisions, effectively implement tasks, help other team members and have more successful releases. ”

presentation details: http://oredev.org/2010/sessions/personal-kanban-optimizing-the-individual-coder

video: http://www.vimeo.com/16917928