“jQuery for developers”, Scott Allen

Lunchtime today we watched a video from NDC 2010, “jQuery for developers”, by Scott Allen.

This session is a practical tour of the “write less, do more” JavaScript library – jQuery. Scott Allen builds an application using ASP.NET and jQuery while talking about CSS selectors, DOM manipulation, and asynchronous communications using the jQuery library. He also covers jQuery plug–in model, examines common jQuery programming paradigms, and shows how to invoke WCF web services using jQuery.

link: http://www.ndc2010.no/agenda.aspx?#TB_inline?height=600&width=830&inlineId=32889&modal=true

video: http://streaming.ndc2010.no/tcs/?id=7CB648EE-545B-4184-9DFF-2FA37DBD7943