“The Whole Team Approach to Testing”, Lisa Crispin

Our lunchtime video today was from NDC 2010, it was excellent. Lisa has a lot of valuable experience, having been involved in testing for many years. Get your scrum team together to talk through what Lisa covers.

The NDC website described it as:

“Many test teams find themselves “squeezed to the end”, with code delivered too late to complete all the testing before the release deadline. They can’t get traction on critical activities such as test automation, and find themselves falling further and further behind. The software development organization is weighed down by increasing technical debt. Customers aren’t getting the software they wanted. Serious bugs get out to production, slowing the team down more as fixing one bug might cause two more. It can seem impossible to break out of this downward spiral.

One way to turn this trend around is to get the whole team involved in building quality into the application, and solving testing problems together. In this session, Lisa Crispin will explain how to make quality a team responsibility, and testing a team’s problem to solve. She’ll explain how the “whole team” approach, leveraging multiple skill sets and planning in time for testing activities, leads to more testable code, better testing solutions. Participants will leave with some practical ideas to try right away.”
link: http://www.ndc2010.no/agenda.aspx?#TB_inline?height=600&width=830&inlineId=25994&modal=true

video: http://streaming.ndc2010.no/tcs/?id=EC40F1C9-6A3D-4920-B57C-42316D7B5875