“Strategies Against Architecture”, Kevlin Henney

Lunchtime today we watched “Strategies Against Architecture”, Kevlin Henney, from NDC 2010. A good coverage of the topic, plenty of examples.

NDC described the presentation as: “Good architecture requires good vision and good people, but there are times when actions and decisions taken with the best of intent begin to work against an architecture. Instead of helping a system achieve a long life, speculation about reuse, flexibility and generality can bring a system to an early grave, weighing the codebase down with accidental complexity that invites workarounds and, ultimately, a new ad hoc architectural style. Documentation intended to be helpful becomes shelfware, ignored equally by its authors and its prospective readership. Dysfunctional memes in code and tests go unchecked because the detail of code is not considered a part of the architecture. Instead of stability and responsiveness, an architecture achieves stasis and loses reflex.”

This session looks at the reality of how development process and practices interact with the grander vision of architecture, the pitfalls of “architect as cop” and how to employ speculation and uncertainty to a system’s advantage.”

Link: http://www.ndc2010.no/agenda.aspx?#TB_inline?height=600&width=830&inlineId=25937&modal=true

Video: http://streaming.ndc2010.no/tcs/?id=4E353FF7-ACDA-428B-99C9-9EACBC7C471C