The ‘simple’ things

The oldest trick in the book is surely be the old "pages-that-start-acting-weird-and-styles-that-don’t-behave-as-they-should-and-then-forgetting-that-the-DTD’s-are-crook-again" trick. 

I don’t seem to be alone either, many sites out there using Google Map API and map markers / popup info windows I have found have a bleed though of 1 pixel transparent or some places 1 pixel misaligned spacing.

The issue appeared in IE but not in Firefox (no please go away, do not even go there, I like IE, so please leave me on this).. I used IE’s (very nice) Developer Tools, but had no joy.

If you find your Google Map popup Marker infowindow has a 1 pixel see through line when you try running it out of DNN, and parts of the edges don’t line up, make sure you put in a few well placed XML files in with your skins to tell DNN to use a different DTD:

eg., a doctype.xml file named to coincide with the desired host skin name, 
eg: "Horizontal Menu – Fixed Width.doctype.xml" 
popped in alongside the DNN skin files itself, containing this:

<![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" .. (etc) ..
will make DNN display the alternate DTD from the XML file instead of the usual one.